JAWS – ‘Simplicity’ Album Review

Following its predecessor ‘Be Slowly’ released in 2014, Birmingham three-piece JAWS are back flaunting a stronger, more refined sound that fans have never seen before to such an extent. Since starting out as a group of 17/18 year old students, their music has matured with them significantly and this album is perfect evidence of that.

The album starts with the heartfelt guitar riff of Just A Boy, giving us the perfect introduction; sucking you in from the very beginning and a song that I would heavily consider to be one of the best opening tracks to an album I’ve heard in the past year. The next track proceeds with the first single released from the album back in 2015 ‘What We Haven’t Got Yet’ – an all-round punchy lo-fi pop track that sticks in your head for hours.

As a whole, ‘Simplicity’ possesses the perfect combination of slow, melodious ballads and stimulating numbers to make it JAWS’ strongest work to date. The album isn’t without a few filler tracks, but they still hold a significance – giving the release the signature dreamy feel that the trio have always held. Key tracks from the album for me are ‘Right In Front Of Me’, ’17’ and ‘On The Sunshine’.

The closing track is vocalist Connor’s favourite piece from the album and I wholeheartedly concur – ‘The Invisible Sleep’ is a zealous anthem that just keeps building up until the very end overflowing with emotion, making you want to listen to ‘Simplicity’ all over again.

Without a shadow of a doubt, JAWS are slowly becoming one of the hottest bands on their scene and they have profoundly matured, and their music is the perfect testament. However they’re still sticking to their roots retaining the youthful feel the band have always possessed.  They have surely showcased themselves as one of the hottest bands to look out for – especially on the Birmingham (or B-Town as it likes to be called) music scene.

Catch them at the following UK dates this year: 

April 25th – Club Academy, Manchester

April 26th – Scala, London

April 27th – The Bullingdon, Oxford

April 29th – O2 Academy, Leicester

April 29th – Live At Leeds Festival


Author: venitacutlerblog

I'm a 20 year old student from Brighton - This is a blog entirely about music from live, single and album reviews, interviews, to opinion pieces and listicles. Contact: venitacutler@yahoo.co.uk for any queries.

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