Honshu Wolf – Charlemagne


Honshu Wolf are a two-piece alternative rock outfit fresh off the Brighton scene consisting of vocalist and guitarist Riggs and also vocalist and bassist Steve Bareham (including current help on drums and live guitar from Marc Hepburn and Matt Jeffreys). For fans of PJ Harvey and early Mogwai, their debut single Charlemagne was released earlier this year.

Their first single, Charlemagne is a sturdy debut for the band; Riggs’ vocals are very strong and confident, perfect for the band’s genre. The song is packed with varying tones that build up slowly but steadily and fill with emotion as it progresses into an incredibly impassioned crescendo at the end, and it flows together wonderfully. However, my only issue with the song is inexplicably its length; at 6:30, it is very long, especially for a debut and I definitely believe it could be compressed to make the track even stronger and a cleaner, more refined sound would make this track stand out even more. Although, it could make for the perfect ending track to an album. However, this is a strong debut for Honshu Wolf and I’ll be looking forward to what they release next – which will be in the next couple of months. They are also continuing to play support slots around Brighton, so look out for them as I think they easily have the potential to be a great band to see live.

Check out Charlemagne here: https://youtu.be/l_cGQ8mFcg8