Lapsung – Live Review and Interview


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Wednesday March 1st – Green Door Store

Lapsung is a dreamy dance outlet who offers a sound that goes deeper than most. The hazy, near trance-like sound fills the room at The Green Door Store as Lapsung performs with the smoothness of someone with a history of experience in playing live. His tracks are experimental, drawing huge contrasts between a near ethereal lightness and dirty, fuzzy waves of electronica.

The short but sweet set boasted a combination of slow, hypnotising beats with his signature distorted female vocals and strong hitting bassy tracks that leave you wanting more. Every aspect of the set had been so carefully thought out and put together and the hard work, without a doubt paid off. He’s an artist that is definitely worth going to see whenever you get a chance. His creativity is completely admirable, and his music and live sets are perfect proof of that.

Lapsung isn’t new to the game; he’s been producing music before most of us probably didn’t even know the difference between most electronic genres; and over the past year or so he’s been busy playing numerous sets in small venues in his hometown Bournemouth, from short outside sets to slow, sit-down-and-listen ambient pieces to full-blown live shows that are completely unmissable.

It’s music you can be absorbed in and that takes risks, with irregular beats and dark disjointed undertones that nobody has heard before.

If you could describe your own sound to someone who had never heard it before what would you say?

My sound jumps from emotional, dreamy textures to almost piercing sounds. I’ve never really done just ‘one thing’ – so it’s quite hard to restrain myself sometimes.

How long have you been producing music for and what inspired you to start and who are your biggest inspirations?

I started when I was 8/9, sometime in middle school. It just took over my life. I used to be mad into video game/anime soundtracks and dark trance tunes, being that young I had no connection to the club scene (or even knew anything of it). Today I guess i’m inspired most by the people I meet and the music they write. I’m also a big fan of Ryuichi Sakamoto and how his style can work in almost any context.

You used to produce vastly different music to what you do now, why did you decide to re-invent yourself?

Hahaha.. tastes change! In my teens I wrote music under another alias – but it was cyclic, it didn’t feel natural, it stopped being rewarding. That point was when I escaped the box in a way. Lapsung feels more like a persona than just a front to release tunes on the internet.

Your album ‘Reshattered’ is out April 2nd, what type of sounds can we expect to hear on it?

Reshattered is actually a deluxe version as such of my 2016 album, ‘L, the Shard’. It’s that record remastered plus a remix of every track from some of my absolute best friends. There’s also five new originals on there. It’s the perfect iteration of what that album was.

What is your song writing process?

Would you believe me if I said I didn’t know? The only times I’ve been happy with a tune is when I have zoned out entirely – I forget a lot of the process. It’s all very visual though.

Do you have a favourite song on the album?

Original – Garasunokokoro. It’s the most ‘me’ tune in there. I love all the remixes but HOTELS’ take on ‘Unhappy Pills’ blew my head off.

What is the best thing about playing live for you?

I learn something new every time. DJing is a lot of fun but playing live for me is still a learning curve, and each time I think about what I could’ve done differently – and that then develops into an idea, and subsequently a process.

Is there anything in particular you want to work towards, any goals? Or are you just taking it as it comes?

Take every day as it comes. Honestly, you can plan all you want but some of the stuff I’ve encountered recently could never have been predicted. I used to plan stuff so hard and get well wound up when it never came through; that was a mistake. But I do want to leave something behind, just to make music that people connect to (in whatever way).

How does playing in a thriving musical city like Brighton compare to the shows you used to play in Bournemouth?

Brighton is my home – Bournemouth has many memories for me and the people I know from there are all doing great things. But this city is a blessing. So much going on yet so much room for development. And they got the beach right. Sorry Bournemouth!

L, The Shard (Reshattered) is out on 2nd April.

Lapsung is also playing Volks on March 21st – £3 OTD, £5 after midnight.