Emnibis – Home

Emnibis are a pop-punk/rock quartet from Surrey with influences drawn from the likes of Blink-182, All Time Low and Lower Than Atlantis. Guitarist/vocalist Casey Newman and bassist/vocalist Sam Cowlam have been playing together for eight years, and four years ago were joined by drummer Elliot Davis and guitarist/vocalist Matt Clark to form Emnibis for four years now. The band always write and produce their own tracks, but their latest single Home was produced with help from Lower Than Atlantis’ lead guitarist Ben Sansom.

Home is a fantastic single – it’s catchy from the absolute beginning and has been left in my head all day. Their influences are very prominent in the single, and has the perfect mix of both British and American pop-punk tones and is really well-written and produced, especially for a smaller band on the scene. The vocals could have more clarity, but even this criticism is not anything essential. Home is just generally a great, well-rounded song that makes a perfect, fun-loving pop-punk single. Emnibis are definitely a band to look out for, they have a massive deal of potential to do really well in the very near future and I’m really looking forward to what they will come out with next.

Emnibis are playing at The Hope and Ruin on the 27th August.



la lune – bathe


la lune is back with a brand new single ‘bathe’, released this Friday 12th accompanied with her first ever (home made!) music video.

bathe sees a more upbeat side to la lune that we haven’t seen before, and I absolutely love it. She still possesses the slow synths and echoed vocals, but her voice seems more confident and boasts her impressive vocal range even more than before in her previous songs. It’s a really great, uplifting song that’s filled with positivity and makes for a really great track for the spring and summer months – every aspect of the track combines wonderfully to create a really lovely and catchy single. la lune has shown nothing but amazing development as an artist, and I have no doubts she will continue on this upwards journey.

la lune is performing as part of The Alternative Escape this Saturday 20th May at Beyond Retro at 1:50pm.

Listen to ‘bathe’ and watch the music video here:

Honshu Wolf – Charlemagne


Honshu Wolf are a two-piece alternative rock outfit fresh off the Brighton scene consisting of vocalist and guitarist Riggs and also vocalist and bassist Steve Bareham (including current help on drums and live guitar from Marc Hepburn and Matt Jeffreys). For fans of PJ Harvey and early Mogwai, their debut single Charlemagne was released earlier this year.

Their first single, Charlemagne is a sturdy debut for the band; Riggs’ vocals are very strong and confident, perfect for the band’s genre. The song is packed with varying tones that build up slowly but steadily and fill with emotion as it progresses into an incredibly impassioned crescendo at the end, and it flows together wonderfully. However, my only issue with the song is inexplicably its length; at 6:30, it is very long, especially for a debut and I definitely believe it could be compressed to make the track even stronger and a cleaner, more refined sound would make this track stand out even more. Although, it could make for the perfect ending track to an album. However, this is a strong debut for Honshu Wolf and I’ll be looking forward to what they release next – which will be in the next couple of months. They are also continuing to play support slots around Brighton, so look out for them as I think they easily have the potential to be a great band to see live.

Check out Charlemagne here: https://youtu.be/l_cGQ8mFcg8

la lune – climatise

IMG_0185.JPGFor those who aren’t familiar with la lune, you should be; she’s an 18 year old Brighton singer-songwriter influenced by artists such as The Japanese House and Bon Iver, and her music is a wonderful combination of calming synthesisers paired with haunting vocals. la lune chooses to conceal her identity – she believes her music should be consumed at nothing but face value, and wants to avoid any prior judgement based on her name or her appearance which is admirable for a small artist trying to break through the bedlam of other Brighton artists on the scene.

Climatise starts out slowly and subtly builts up to a beautifully put-together song filled with emotion and hope. la lune definitely wouldn’t be la lune without her hypnotising vocals and slow, subtle backing beats and it’s always a fantastic combination for the ears. She has the perfect voice and vocal range for the music she writes; her voice brings a dark but calming atmosphere to her songs and this is no exception. Climatise has some beautifully haunting backing vocals that fade in and out throughout, and every aspect of the song has been so obviously thought out and is perfectly orchestrated from the slow build up, vocals and subtle synthesisers and beats in the background. The song fades in and out at the right times, and leaves you feeling the perfect mix of serene but uplifted. It is without a doubt that la lune is an artist you should be looking out for on the Brighton scene; she has a great deal to offer.

la lune’s music is available on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and Apple Music

Mac DeMarco – ‘This Old Dog’ and ‘My Old Man’

Canadian-born singer songwriter Mac DeMarco has announced his new album ‘This Old Dog’ coming out on the 5th May, succeeding mini-LP ‘Another One’ in 2015.  And what better way to do so than releasing two new songs in a week?

DeMarco has gone in a significantly new direction with this album comparatively to all of his previous releases, however he still holds the same charming and subtly uplifting sound he’s always withheld. ‘My Old Man’ is the opening track to the new album; he reflects on maturity, getting older and what comes with it, noting the line ‘There’s a price tag hanging off of half of all that fun’. It begins with soft synthesiser beats that carry on throughout, paired with a cleaner acoustic resonance to his signature warped guitar riffs he’s known best for. The song, to me, does give the impression that it’s going to build up to something over the course of the song, but holds the same beat and riff throughout. But it’s still no disappointment, and I believe it’s a perfect opening track to a Mac DeMarco album. It gives off a very positive, hopeful feeling which is absolutely how I feel about what the rest of the album has to offer.

The title track holds the same clean acoustic sound with a soft touch of synthesiser cradling the chorus, so it’s safe to say the rest of the album will have a lot more of this from start to finish. The song follows on from ‘My Old Man’ on the track listing for the album, referring to himself as ‘This Old Dog’, reflecting on how he considers himself to have gained the status of a bit of a grandad over recent years – this song undeniably has more of a signature Mac DeMarco feel to it. The shift between his previous releases and the change that this album is inevitably going to possess is still going to be daunting for any big DeMarco fans, but I have high hopes for what’s to come on May 5th, and I believe the development will be a positive one.